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This is my testimony - my testimony of faith and lack thereof; of the rising and falling of hopes and dreams; of beliefs and disbelief's; of tremendous heartache and human folly; of reaching out and stepping out when all I want at times is to is pull back and step away. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with a very rare neurological condition called Post-traumatic Syringomyelia (PTS). Please visit my post on PTS. One of my goals is to increase awareness of this terminal condition. Broken to Grace is not yet released. Follow this blog to receive an email when the final release date is announced. God bless, Ronda

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joy ~ internal & eternal.

You notice joy when it's awakened by something
 or someone that reflects what is already in your soul. Realize it is not the thing itself, or the person, that contains the joy. Therefore when the thing is no longer before you joy remains. Your job is to continue noticing it. Joy is cradled in your soul; give it the attention it desires and it will grow stronger despite what is or isn't before you.

-Ronda Rae Franklin

The Lord of Love

Boundaries are everywhere. Brokenness is all around. Sadness engulfs many hearts. Depression controls the minds of millions.
The Lord of love, who is love, conquers all of these. I choose to live without boundaries. I choose to live with a joy that cannot be shaken from me by this world. -Ronda Rae Franklin