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This is my testimony - my testimony of faith and lack thereof; of the rising and falling of hopes and dreams; of beliefs and disbelief's; of tremendous heartache and human folly; of reaching out and stepping out when all I want at times is to is pull back and step away. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with a very rare neurological condition called Post-traumatic Syringomyelia (PTS). Please visit my post on PTS. One of my goals is to increase awareness of this terminal condition. Broken to Grace is not yet released. Follow this blog to receive an email when the final release date is announced. God bless, Ronda

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As was promised by another interest in this blog, as well as myself after...

This blog was described as not only a publicity site for my book, for awareness of Post-Traumatic Syringomyelia, but also as my walk through both of these things.

With that in mind as I sit here at 3:30AM not able to sleep I will share why I am not sleeping.

At 10:30PM last night my blood pressure dropped to an all-time low to date --- BP:73/37 Pulse: 69. As much as I did not want to fall asleep at these levels so I could continue to monitor myself - my body succumbed to sleep just after midnight. It is very hard, nearly impossible to keep yourself awake with such a low BP in conjunction with my pulse not increasing enough in an attempt to compensate for lack of blood flow.

I awoke at 2:30 AM, I suppose because my pulse increased during my short period of sleep. Up to 89. Not super high for some, but for me it is nearly 30 beats per minute above my norm. My pulse is religiously 60 - has been for years. On that thought, my BP has been until recently, religiously 120/60-70 for all of my adult life. Numbers that are considered "perfect".

Lately my pulse reaches up into the 120's - doing nothing truly physical to any stretch of the imagination.
On the topic of my BP - it can sometimes spike up to 140/80 in no time from numbers such as 80/44. A very big shock to my system, and in companion with a pulse increase to the number I listed above. This is the worst of circumstances for a few reasons - which I will not bore or burden you with at this point. Save to share the simplest of complications from when this occurs - I shake to near convulsions and become intensely nauseous.

So there you have a very recent update. I can happily say that at the moment I awoke to present time, I am at 80/45 with a now decreasing pulse to 77.

God bless each of you in this day ahead.

With love,

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  1. Bonus note...as of 4PM my BP was 109/58 with a pulse of 62 - AWESOME!!

    So is that what 2 hours of sleep and no food does for me? Because this is the second time I've been seriously sleep and food deprieved in the past 2 weeks - and both times my BP evened out. Hmmmm....Something to bring up with my neurologist next Monday.

    Good night and God bless,