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This is my testimony - my testimony of faith and lack thereof; of the rising and falling of hopes and dreams; of beliefs and disbelief's; of tremendous heartache and human folly; of reaching out and stepping out when all I want at times is to is pull back and step away. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with a very rare neurological condition called Post-traumatic Syringomyelia (PTS). Please visit my post on PTS. One of my goals is to increase awareness of this terminal condition. Broken to Grace is not yet released. Follow this blog to receive an email when the final release date is announced. God bless, Ronda

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Final Edit going to publisher this week...Glory, glory, glory be to God.

Friends, at least the very few that I have on this site with me, I am elated - and near speechless as I watch this unfold these past few weeks. I'm trying to finalize a HUGE edit, as I now have a publisher asking and in waiting. That alone is a huge blessing and open door. Thank you to all who have, and continue to, do so much in the name of this book. Your feelings of inspiration turn back at me and serve to increase mine.

As I've said before ~

True inspiration is not found through solicitation.
Like love, it is given, recieved, and passed on.
Like love, inspiration is a gift ~ always share it or it dies with you.


  1. Let me be clear ~ I am only sending on my manuscript at the publishers request. They will notify me with a decision - hopefully sooner than later. All in God's time...is what I keep telling myself.
    Your prayers are much welcomed and appreciated.

  2. Thank you, Kelly! So am I. Quietly in my tired mind and heart - I am fervently praying tonight.

  3. I got a call today from the publisher, I missed him. Seeing how they are on EST, by the time I heard his message it was past business hours for them.
    So...I wait until next week now.

    My patience is terrible, this I know.

    "God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us his Holy Spirit. So we are always confident...for we live by believing and not by seeing." 2 Corinthians

  4. Copy and pasted from my fBook post:

    HAPPY SCREEEAAAAM! Okay, might be a pre-mature happy scream but the publisher called me FOUR times this afternoon! My cell phone's battery was dead, but he tried twice. I just got home &he left 2 msg's on home line also. "Really wanting to talk with you today, Ronda. So I'm trying again. Please call me." AAAAHHHHAAHAHHHAAHHHAHHAHA!! Do not count your blessings before you know them...right?! But I can praise and pray!

    Won't you join me as I pray continually before I call them back tomorrow morning? And breathe, Ronda....God is good, all knowing, all sufficient...it is already written in His book.

    If you are on all of my pages and are reading this, say for the 3rd time, sorry! Bare with me friends.

    God bless,

  5. Ronda, Think I did it! Woo Hoo! Will have Lance help me upload a picture, Hope your feeling better today.

  6. You did it Carlene!
    Welcome!!! And I'll second your "Woo Hoo!"